Séjour anglais équitation en France

Nos séjours équestres en anglais en Gironde


Un séjour vu par Marion, 13 ans :

"Here we do everything. We play tennis, ping pong and go riding. We play cards, games and go swimming. We even have fun with Stephanie. In the morning, we take the horses to their fields, it's funny. In the evening we feed them. We love to ride, pat, brush, clean and jump with them. Stephanie asks us to walk, trot and canter in English. At Rider in France, everything is in English. Here, we eat together like a family. We always laugh with François, he is very funny. Here it is good, it is perfect."

En plus, nous vous proposons :

  • Passage de Galops
  • Soutien scolaire approfondi dans d'autres matières
  • Sorties en concours de CSO Club, Amateur